I Remember Clifford

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I Remember Clifford
By Lee Morgan

I Remember Clifford
World premiere date
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Becket, MA
Dance sections

I. The Sidewinder: De Jesus and Arias, Bai, Carillo, Cooksey, Gomez, Henriksen, Mooradian, Pantaleon, Patrick, Russo, Swenson, Zambrano

II. Blue Rol: De Jesus with Swenson and Arias, Pantaleon, Patrick, Zambrano

III. Cascades: De Jesus with Cooksey, Gomes and Arias, Carrillo, Pantaleon, Russo

IV. Lonely Woman: De Jesus with Arias, Bai, Pantaleon and Carrillo, Gomez, Henriksen, Mooradian, Russo

V. Moanin’: De Jesus with Cooksey, Gomez,  Henriksen, Mooradian and Arias, Bai, Caririllo, Pantaleon, Patrick, Russo, Swenson, Zambrano

VI. I Remember Clifford: The Company

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Production Stage Manager: Jonathan Ledden
Rehearsal Director/Ballet Mistress: Maria Simonetti
Lighting Supervisor: Todd. L. Clark
Rehearsal Assitants: Sandi J. Cooksey and Krista Swenson
Rehearsal Director for the Tharp Project: Shelley Washington Whitman
Musical Advisor: Leon Wieseltier

The creation of I Remember Clifford was the culmination of a five-year "Tharp Project" initiated by Lou Conte, founder of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. In 1990, Conte obtained exclusive licenses for four of Tharp's works: The Fugue, Baker's Dozen, Sue's Leg and Nine Sinatra Songs. After four years of performing her repertory, the company commissioned Tharp to create a new work.

I Remember Clifford centers on a lead male dancer. He is a loner, isolated in the midst of the crowd and out of sync with those around him. The other dancers form duets, quartets and perform unison phrases. As the piece progresses, the loner finds his own rhythm and, though he does not assimilate, his place within the group.

  • I Remember Clifford
    Dancers of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in a promotional photo. ©Reudi Hofmann
  • I Remember Clifford
    Gomez in a promotional photo. ©Reudi Hofmann
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Excerpts featuring dancers of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

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1. The Sidewinder
Composed and performed by Lee Morgan
From the album "The Sidewinder"
Released by Blue Note Records - 1964

2. Blue Rol
Composed and performed by Roland Kirk
From the album "Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith"
Released by Verve Records - 1967

3. Cascades
Composed and performed by Oliver Nelson
From the album "The Blues and The Abstract Truth"
Released by Impulse! Records - 1961

4. Lonely Woman
Composed and performed by Ornette Coleman
From the album "The Shape of Jazz to Come"
Released by Atlantic Records - 1959

5. Moanin'
Composed and performed by Charles Mingus
From the album "Blues & Roots"
Released by Atlantic - 1960

6. I Remember Clifford
Composed by Benny Golson
Performed by Lee Morgan
Released by Capitol Records

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I Remember Clifford
By Lee Morgan

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