In The Beginnings

In The Beginnings
World premiere date
Premiere location place
Minneapolis, MN

The Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN

Dance sections

I. Morning Song
Moss with Rudner, Wright, Garcia-Lorca, Rinker, Wiener and Rawe

II. First Assumption

III. Egg Stories
Hailey and Wright

IV. Beginnings
Moss with Rudner, Wright, Garcia-Lorca, Rinker, Wiener and Rawe

V. Second Assumption

VI. Which Came First
Hailey with Wright, Garcia-Lorca, Rinker, Wiener and Rawe

VII. Two and Two
Moss with Tharp, Rudner, Wright, Garcia-Lorca, Rinker, Wiener and Rawe

VIII. Third Assumption

IX. Eggs
Garcia-Lorca and Wiener


Isabel Garcia-Lorca, Tom Rawe, Kenneth Rinker, Sara Rudner, Twyla Tharp, Nina Wiener, Rose Marie Wright

Total number of dancers
Other program information

Actress: Marian Hailey 
Production Stage Managers: Pennie Curry and Richard Cleary

From the original program:  "Morning Song, Beginnings, Two and Two, Eggs, The Egg Stories and Which Came First by Jeffrey Moss. The line “Eggs don’t bounce,” is from Mr. John Percival’s review of Twyla Tharp’s piece Re-Moves (Dance and Dancers, May, 1967).

The premiere of In The Beginnings was made possible by the good spirits of Suzanne Weil."

In The Beginnings was billed as a collaboration between Tharp, the dancers, Jeffrey Moss (composer / writer), Jennifer Tipton (lighting designer) and Marian Hailey (actress).  The theatrical elements came together to form an absurdist play. The loose-limbed, free-swinging choreography is accompanied alternately by music and monologues.  

  • Wright and Rinker perform in St. Paul in 1975.

    <p>©Tom Berthiaume</p>
  • Wright and Rinker with musicians.

    <p>©Tom Rawe</p>
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Company dancers in a performance excerpt. 

Full music program

Original score composed by Jeffrey Moss. 

In The Beginnings (premiere) - The Fugue - Eight Jelly Rolls | Twyla Tharp Dance
Guthrie Theater
Minneapolis, MN