Baryshnikov By Tharp

Baryshnikov By Tharp
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Dance sections

1. The Little Ballet: Baryshnikov, Carberry, Kudo, McKerrow, Raffa

2. Sinatra Suite: Baryshnikov, Kudo

3. Push Comes To Shove: Baryshnikov, Kudo, Jaffe, La Fosse, Yeager

Allen, Bickerton, Boggs, Brown, Brown, Carr, Fonseca, Goldman, Hernandez, Katerndahl, Laing, Langlois, Lowe, Madonia, McKerrow, Potter, Raffa, Rinehart, Rose, Ryan, Schlexer, Soleri, Spelman, Stallings, Sundstrom, Wilson


Mikhail Baryshnikov


Deirdre Carberry, Elaine Kudo, Amanda McKerrow, Nancy Raffa, Susan Jaffe, Robert LaFosse, Cheryl Yeager


Melissa Allen, Julie Bickerton, Gil Boggs, Carolyn Brown, Gabrielle Brown, Elizabeth Carr, Peter Fonseca, Suzanne Goldman, Alina Hernandez, Lucette Katerndahl, Elizabeth Laing, Michael Langlois, Kristi Lowe, Valerie Madonia, Meg Potter, Lisa Rinehart, Amy Rose, Hilary Ryan, Scott Schlexer, Kristine Soleri, Anna Spelman, Carla Stallings, Lisa Sundstrom, Mary Wilson

Other program information

Executive in charge of Production: David J. Goldberg

Music Conductor: Kenneth Schermerhorn
Writers: Peter Elbling and Twyla Tharp
Associate Director: Jan Cornell
Art Director: Romain Johnston
Lighting Director: William Klages
Assistant to the Producer: Lesley Maynard
Production Manager: Geoff Bennett
Additional Music: Peter Matz
Production Coordinator: Ellen Dennis
Executive Producer for "Great Performances": Jac Venza

Released in 1991 as Baryshnikov Dances Sinatra and More... by KULTUR


Emmy Awards
   Outstanding Lighting Direction for Limited Series or Special: Bill Klages and Arnie Smith
   Outstanding Individual Achievement - Classical Music/Dance Programming - Directing: Don Mischer and Twyla Tharp
   Outstanding Achievement in Choreography: Twyla Tharp
   Outsanding Individual Achievement - Classical Music/Dance Programming - Writing: Twyla Tharp and Peter Elbling
   Outstanding Classical Program in the Performing Arts: Rhoda Grauer, Exec. Producer, and Don Mischer, Producer, and Mikhail Baryshnikov, Host

Director's Guild of America Awards
   Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Musical/Variety: Don Mischer and Jan Cornell

Don Mischer and Tharp co-directed Baryshnikov By Tharp, which was produced for the PBS series “Great Performances.” In this television special Mikhail Baryshnikov dances the roles he originated in The Little Ballet, Sinatra Suite and Push Comes To Shove and narrates brief vignettes between performances. In the vignettes, he describes the basics of ballet in alphabetical order: “A” is for arabesque, “B” for ballon, and so on. 

Baryshnikov By Tharp was nominated for seven Emmy awards and won three, including outstanding achievements in both Directing and Choreography.

  • Rudner, Margery Tupling and Tharp rehearse in the studio at 104 Franklin Street in 1967.

    <p>©Robert Barry</p>
  • Jenkins, Rudner and Tharp perform at the Hunter Playhouse.

    <p>©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • Rudner in performance.

    <p>©Robert Barry</p>
  • Rudner, Tharp and Jenkins rehearse at the Judson Gym.

    <p>&copy;Robert Barry</p>
  • Rudner, Tharp and Jenkins in performance.

    <p>&copy;Robert Huot</p>
  • Detail of flashlights shining through the costumes.

    <p>&copy;Robert Barry</p>
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Baryshnikov performs Push Comes To Shove as included in the televison special.