The Willie Smith Series

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The Willie Smith Series
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New Berlin, NY

Twyla Tharp

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The premiere date is an estimation of when Tharp first began recording her improvisations in New Berlin, New York. 

The Willie Smith Series is approximately seventeen hours of videotaped dance improvisations recorded over the course of Tharp’s pregnancy. She improvised daily to a Willie Smith vinyl, but recorded only half an hour every other week. Tharp focused on movement possibilities that developed as her pregnancy progressed. These recordings were later used to build material for Baker’s Dozen (1979)

  • Tharp with video equipment in the attic of the New Berlin farmhouse in 1970. 

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Excerpts of Tharp in the farmhouse attic.

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Various records by Willie "The Lion Smith"

Echoes of Spring
Published by Commodore Records in 1939

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