World premiere date
Premiere location place
New York, NY

Sara Rudner remembers seeing Unprocessed:  "I did see a performance in the gallery all those years ago. I remember...[Twyla] dancing some difficult bit...Margie would remember more. She is the memory bank."  

Margaret Jenkins writes, "I remember Unprocessed as a work in which I was bound in elastic and had to slowly peel it off and then walk down some steps at Hunter, and eventually crack an egg on the floor and continue doing a backwards sommersault." 

A large cellophane canopy rustles and billows overhead, accompanying the dancers. The dance ends when the canopy descends and covers the dancers: a final curtain trapping the performers and stilling the movement.  

  • Tharp performs in the third section.

    <p>&copy;Stanley Tharp</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Tharp and Jenkins in the opening section.

    <p>&copy;Robert Barry</p>
  • Tharp and Rudner rehearse the opening section.

    <p>&copy;Robert Barry</p>
Cede Blue Lake - Unprocessed - Re-Moves | Twyla Tharp and Dancers
London School for Contemporary Dance
London, United Kingdom
Cede Blue Lake (premiere) - Unprocessed (premiere) | Twyla Tharp and Dancers
Hunter College Art Dept. - Room 1604
New York, NY