Twyla Tharp In Washington: New Works

Twyla Tharp In Washington: New Works
World premiere date
Premiere location place
Washington, DC
Dance sections

I. Marsalis

II. Ellington

III. Phrases
    d)Blues w/props

IV. Pigeon Waltz

V. Gluck

VI. Still of the Night

VII. Bartok
    -Lecture: Counterpoint phrases

VIII. Burundi Drums

IX. Battle Hymn


Other program information

Musical Advisor and General Counsel: Leon Wieseltier
Assistant to Ms. Tharp: Susan Scannella

From the orginal program:  "The dancers would like to thank the following wonderful people: Richard Aliq-Bicoy, Joan Bingham, Antoinette Bradlee, Marcia McGee Carter, Caroline and Pail Cronson, Gearge Dant, Katherine Fitzhugh and Jhn Martin, Jesse Frohman, Sue Landini, Michael Lewis, Don McBride, Larry McMurtry, Naima Prevots. 

These performances are made possible in part by a grant from the Dorothy Jordan Chadwick Fund."

In the summer of 1994, Tharp and company began a two-month residency at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. The culminating performance Twyla Tharp In Washington: New Works is a lecture/demonstration-style presentation of the material Tharp developed over that summer.

Tharp first introduced the lecture/demonstration format in the late 1960s. She often used the format to deconstruct completed works. Twyla Tharp in Washington, however, was scripted and choreographed simultaneously.

  • Twyla Tharp In Washington: New Works
    Mahoney, Stevens and Porter in performance. © Tom Brazil
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    Caddell, Selya, Jacobsson, DeChiazza, Stevens and Porter rehearse "Bartok." © Joan Marcus
  • image
    Caddell and Selya perform. © Tom Brazil
  • image
    Company dancers in performance. © Tom Brazil
  • image
    Selya and Caddell perform "Bartok." © Tom Brazil
  • image
    Tharp in performance. © Tom Brazil
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Tharp and company dancers in an excerpt from "Burundi Drums."

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