Twyla Tharp: Oppositions

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Jamie Bishton, Shawn Black, Allison Brown, Stacey Caddell, Daniel Chait, Fabrice Herrault, Kevin Irving, Petter Jacobsson, Jodi Melnick, Julie Michael, Amy O'Brien, Daniel Otevrel, Victoria Pasquale, Geoffrey Rhue, Keith Roberts, Shawn Stevens, Twyla Tharp

Other program information

Editor: Girish Bhargava
Director of Photography: Alan Adelman
Associate Producer: Christopher Hermann
Script Supervisor: Sian Busby
Sound: Marc Repp
Photographer: Don Perdue

Stage Manager: Jeff McRoberts
Wardrobe: Bruce Horowitz
Lighting Supervisor: David A. Finn
Executive Producer: Jac Venza
Managing Director for Great Performances: Glenn Dubose

Manager for The Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation: Pennie Curry
Ballet Mistress: Shelley Washington

With grateful thanks to Mrs. Carloline Newhouse. 

Twyla Tharp: Oppositions is a television special produced for the WNET series "Dance in America." It features a brief introductory documentary followed by a performance of In The Upper Room. The dancers wear solid white costumes, rather than the traditional black-and-white striped jumpers, which caused an interline twitter in the recorded image. 

  • Atlanta Ballet dancers in P&G Part 1

    <p>©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • The King's Garden Party as performed in P&G Part 1

    <p>©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • Macy, Pasch, Moore and Adomaitis.

    <p>©Angela Sterling</p>
  • Moore (back left), Macy, Pasch and Adomaitis with company dancers.

    <p>©Angela Sterling</p>
  • Moore with company dancers.

    <p>©Angela Sterling</p>
  • Imler and Tharp rehearse.

    <p>©Lindsay Thomas</p>
  • Generosa and company dancers in studio rehearsal.

    <p>©Lindsay Thomas</p>
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An excerpt from the second movement of In The Upper Room.

Full music program

In the Upper Room
Composed by Philip Glass - 1986

1. Dance I
2. Dance II
3. Dance III
4. Dance IV
5. Dance V
6. Dance VI
7. Dance VII
8. Dance VIII
9. Dance IX