Twyla Tharp And Eight Jelly Rolls

Eight Jelly Rolls-London
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Isabel Garcia-Lorca, Tom Rawe, Kenneth Rinker, Sara Rudner, Twyla Tharp, Nina Wiener, Rose Marie Wright

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Film Cameramen:  Martin BrierleyBarry Noakes
Film Sound: Trevor CarlessAlan MillsPeter Rann
Film Editor: Paul O'Dell
Executive Producer for Aquarius: Humphrey Burton
Music Producer: Skip Humphries
Music Arranger: Max Harris
Musicians: Brian Lemon, Kenny Baker, Keith Christie, Roy Willox, Jack Collier, Martin Fray, Jack Cummings, Judd Proctor

This BBC television special takes a cinematic approach to presenting Eight Jelly Rolls. The production uses simple techniques, such as manipulated camera angles, cross dissolves, chroma key, and superimposition. The film also features a half-hour documentary including footage of Tharp and dancers in rehearsal.   

  • Mahoney and Pachciarz (in tire) in performance.

    <p>©Jack Vartoogian</p>
  • Company dancers perform.

    <p>©Jack Vartoogian</p>
  • Stahl and Robinson in performance.

    <p>©Johan Elbers</p>
  • Toshiko Oiwa and company dancers perform.

    <p>©Johan Elbers</p>
  • Stahl and Robinson in performance.

    <p>©Johan Elbers</p>
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Company dancers perform in seven brief excerpts.