Twelve Foot Change

Twelve Foot Change
World premiere date
Premiere location place
New York, NY

Margaret Jenkins, Sara Rudner, Twyla Tharp


Twelve Foot Change is an exercise in canon. Three dancers cross the space from opposing sides and move towards a central axis. Wearing sunglasses and parkas, the dancers move with stark rigidity. From within the warmth of the costumes, it is as though the dancers are protected from the coolness of the movement. 

  • Dickinson and Tupling perform at Wagner College in 1968. 

    <p>&copy;Robert Propper</p>
  • From back to front: Rudner, Tupling, Tharp and Dickinson perform at Wagner College in 1968. 

    <p>&copy;Robert Propper</p>
Cede Blue Lake - Twelve Foot Change - Jam - One Two Three - Re-Moves | Twyla Tharp and Dancers
American Center for Students and Artists
Paris, France
Re-Moves (premiere) - Twelve Foot Change (premiere) - Tank Dive | Twyla Tharp and Dancers
Judson Memorial Church
New York, NY