Third Suite

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Third Suite
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Highland Park, IL
Dance sections

I. Allegro
II. Presto
III. Andante
IV. Adagio (Pas de Deux)
V. Allegro Moderato


Christine Uchida and William Whitener 


Shelley Freydont, Mary Ann Kellogg, Sara Rudner
Richard Colton, Anthony Ferro, John Malashock

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From the original program: "This dance was made in North Andover, MA during the Spring of 1980 and is dedicated to Gerald J. Gross."

No longer a group of purely modern dancers, Tharp's company was comprised of dancers with a pronounced blend of styles and experience. Third Suite, a chamber ballet, marks a shift in the variety of dances created for them.

A long pas de deux for the principal couple would later be excerpted for the television special Confessions Of A Cornermaker.


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Company dancers in performance.

Full music program

Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068
Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach - 1725

1. Ouverture
2. Air
3. Gavotte
4. Bouree
5. Gigue

Music details
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