Sue’s Leg, Remembering the Thirties

Sue’s Leg, Remembering the Thirties
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Tom Rawe, Kenneth Rinker, Twyla Tharp, Rose Marie Wright

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Dedicated to Suzanne Weil

Film Segment Directed By: Muriel Balosh
Written By: Arlene Croce
Narrated By: Barry Nelson
Associate Producer: Judy Kinberg
Art Director: Donald Swanagan
Production Supervisor: Doug Lutk
Production Manager: Richard Romognola
Associate Director: Judi Elterman
Production Assistant: Bettina Brooks
Stage Manager: Tony Marshall
Supervising Engineer: Mal Albaum
Videotape Editor: Glenn Jordan
Film Researcher: Dell Byrne
Photographic Researcher: Anna Teresa Cullen
Music Supervisor: John Adams
Still Photographer: Herbert Migdoll
Graphic Designer: John Anthes
General Administrator for TTDF: Rhoda Grauer
Executive Producer: Jac Venza

In the inaugural episode of the PBS series "Dance in America," Sue's Leg is performed in its entirety by the original cast. Camera angles and movement were devised to amplify the choreography. Close-ups create an intimate look at a soloist; long crane shots augment scale. 

This recording captures four core company members at their peak of performance, preserving the dancers’ investment in the tight ensemble work unique to this Tharp group.

  • Baryshnikov and Tharp in dress rehearsal.

    <p>©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • Tharp and Baryshnikov during dress rehearsal.

    <p>©Lois Greenfield</p>
  • Baryshnikov and Tharp in dress rehearsal.

    <p>© Herbert Migdoll</p>
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Tharp, Wright, Rawe and Rinker perform in the inaugural episode of "Dance In America."