Sorrow Floats

Sorrow Floats
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Durham, NC

John Carrafa with Katie Glasner, Shelley Washington, Jennifer Way

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From the original program: "This American Dance Festival "Golden Commission" was made possible by a generous contribution from GrandMet USA, Inc."

The American Dance Festival commissioned Sorrow Floats as part of its 50th anniversary season. The male role, based on the Commedia dell’Arte character Pierrot, is accompanied by a chorus of three women. The choreography combines pantomime, ballroom, breakdancing and classical ballet in a light, whimsical work. 

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    Carrafa and Washington in performance. ©Jay Anderson
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Brief excerpts featuring company dancers in performance.

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Jeux d'Enfant, Opus 22
Composed by Georges Bizet - 1871

1. L'escarpolette (The Swing)
2. La toupie (The Top)
3. La poupée (The doll)
4. Les chevaux de bois (The hobby-horses)
5. Le volant (Battledore and Shuttlecock)
6. Trompette et tambour (Trumpet and drum)
7. Les bulles de savon (Soap bubbles)
8. Les quatre coins (Puss in the corner)
9. Colin-maillard (Blind Man's Bluff)
10. Saute-mouton (Leap-frog)
11. Petit mari, petite femme (Little husband, little wife)
12. Le bal (The ball)

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Les bulles de savon (Soap Bubbles)
From Jeux d'Enfant, Opus 22
Composed by George Bizet

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