Roy's Joys

Roy's Joys
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New York, NY
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I. Just Fooling

II. Une Petite Laitue

III. I Remember Harlem

IV. Baby Don’t Be Like That

V. L’isle Adam

VI. Oh Shut Up!

VII. Hollywood Pastime

VIII. Sweet Lorraine

IX. Tu Disais Qu’tu M'aimais

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From the original program: "Special thanks to Richard Avedon, Norma Stevens, Patsy Tarr, the late Dale Harris, Sidney and Frances Lewis, Vicente Wolf, Maurice and Lois Rosenfield, Abbot Miller and Sean Kelleher."

In the mid-1970s, photographer Richard Avedon gave Tharp a copy of an album by jazz musician Roy Eldridge. She revisited this recording in Roy’s Joys, an ensemble work for her modern dance company.

The choreography is rooted in the strong technique of the dancers. A spirit of spontaneity carries over from the Eldridge recordings. Even the unison duets are infused with this easy and carefree energy.

  • Roy's Joys
    Stahl and Mahoney in performance. ©Jack Vartoogian
  • Roy's Joys
    Malone, Robinson and Howard perform. ©Jack Vartoogian  
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Company dancers in a brief excerpt.

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All songs from the album "Roy Eldridge Vol. II - French Cooking"
Vogue Records - 1993

Just Fooling
By Roy Eldridge

Une Petite Laitue, I Remember Harlem, L'Isle Adam and Tu disais qu'tu M'aimais
By Roy Eldrdige with Benny Vasseur, Albert Ferreri, William Boucaya, Raumond Fol, Barney Spieler and Robert Barnet

Oh Shut Up! and Hollywood Pastime
By Roy Eldridge with Don Byas, Claude Bolling, Guy de fatto and Armand Molinetti

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Une Petite Laitue
By Roy Eldridge

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