All About Eggs on WGBH

All About Eggs
World premiere date

WGBH Boston

Dance sections

I. Cooking Eggs: Wright

II. Bach Duet: Wright and Rinker

III. Four Voice Chroma Key: Rawe


Tom Rawe, Kenneth Rinker, Rose Marie Wright


With All About Eggs, Tharp used the medium of television to project an idea, rather than film a pre-existing dance restaged in a pre-existing set.  

Inspired by 15th Century Flemish painters, the first section questions the efficacy of communication in a modern world. A single message is delivered simultaneously in three different ways as Rose Marie Wright performs mimetic gestures in front a tryptic of shifting images while a voice over translates her actions into English.

The Mérode Altarpiece by Robert Campin seen in the background of the opening image. 

Next is a duet to Bach’s Cantata 78 for Wright and Kenneth Rinker, which would later premiere independently under the title The Bach Duet.

Finally a solo for Tom Rawe morphs into a quartet as Rawe's image was multiplied using early chroma key technology.

All About Eggs has never been screened in full. 

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Video Description

Brief excerpts from "Cooking Eggs" and "Four Voice Chroma Key."

Full music program

Jesu, Der Du Meine Seele, Cantata, BWV 78  
Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach – 1724