Yancey Dance

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Yancey Dance
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Québec City, Canada

Yancey Dance premiered eight months earlier as Twelve Foot Change. The major change to the dance is the addition of music by Jimmy Yancey. The choreography was not altered from the previous work, but simply performed against the music, juxtaposing the soulful tune with the stark, objectified movement.

  • Tharp, Rudner and Jenkins in Twelve Foot Changean early version of Yancey Dance.

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How Long Blues
Performed by Jimmy Yancey - 1939

Music details
Disperse - Yancey Dance - Jam - One,Two, Three - Three Page Sonata For Four (premiere) | Twyla Tharp and Dancers
SUNY Potsdam
Potsdam, NY
One,Two,Three - Yancey Dance (premiere) - Jam - Cede Blue Lake | Twyla Tharp and Dancers
Montreal Expo '67 - Pavillon De La Jeunesse
Montreal, Canada