Twyla Tharp's Scrapbook

Twyla Tharp's Scrapbook
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Dance sections

1. Stride – 1965

2. Re-Moves – 1966

3. After Suite – 1969

4. Disperse – 1967

5. History of Up and Down – 1971

6. Medley – 1969

7. Dancing in the Streets – 1969

8. The One-Hundreds – 1970

9. The Fugue – 1974

10. The Willie Smith Series – 1971

11. Eight Jelly Rolls – 1974

12. The Bix Pieces – 1974

13. Sue's Leg – 1976

14. Push Comes to Shove – 1976

15. John Curry: After All – 1976 / Three Fanfares – 1980

16. Dance Is A Man’s Sport Too – 1980

17. Hair, The Motion Picture – 1979

18. All About Eggs – 1974

19. Making TV Dance – 1977

20. Confessions Of A Cornermaker – 1981

21. Bad Smells – 1982


John CarrafaGary ChrystRichard ColtonTheresa DickinsonAnthony Ferro, Graciela Figueroa, Isabel Garcia-Lorca, Katie GlasnerBarbara HoonMargaret Jenkins, Mary Ann Kellogg, Renee Kimball, Sharon KinneyRaymond Kurshals, Nancy Lefkowitz, Joseph Lennon, John MalashockFrance Mayotte, Jeanne Nuchtern, Sheila RajTom RaweKenneth RinkerSara Rudner, Twyla Tharp, Margery Tupling, Christine Uchida, Shelley Washington, Lillo Way, Nina Wiener, William Whitener, Rose Marie Wright, Keith Young


Mikhail BaryshnikovDick CavettJohn CurryPeter MartinsLynn Swann

Other program information

Special thanks to: American Film Institute, Richard Avedon, Derek Bailey, Robert Barry, Fred Barzyk, Merrill Brockway, Milos Forman, Paul Goode, Rhoda Grauer, James Hindman, Robert Huot, Bill King, Michael Kustow, Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, Genevieve Oswald, David Loxton, Mary Ann Tighe

Sound Collage: Peter Gordon
Graphics: Karl Hartig
Text Assistance: Allen Robertson, Sara Rudner, Rose Marie Wright
Production Assistant: David Bradford
Production Administrator: Steve Dennis
Post-Production Coordinator: Debbie Lepsinger
Editing: Kit FitzgeraldJohn Sanborn, Twyla Tharp
VideoTape Editing: John Zieman, Alfred Muller, Nexus Productions
Produced For Twyla Tharp by Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn

Twyla Tharp's Scrapbook is an hour-long television special that chronicles Tharp’s career from 1965 to 1982. The program is divided into four sections; the first two focusing on choreography for Tharp’s company. “Work For Hire” excerpts the commissioned ballets and “Television” discusses her works for the small screen.

  • Tharp (foreground) with Way, Washington, Glasner and Kellogg during a performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1984. 

    <p>&nbsp;©Beatriz Schiller</p>
  • Tharp in "Part II."

    <p>©Jon Love</p>
  • The men in "Part II" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1984. 

    <p>©Tom Caravaglio</p>
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Excerpts from the first two sections.

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©Twyla Tharp

Full music program

Excerpts from works by the following composers:

Thomas Albinoni, Johann Sebastian Bach, Bix Beiderbecke, Glenn Branca, Joseph Haydn, Snuffy Jenkins and Pappy Sherrill, Joseph Lamb, Meade Lux Lewis, Galt MacDermot, Jelly Roll Morton, Randy Newman, Frank Sinatra, Willie "The Lion" Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Rufus Thomas and Fats Waller