One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three
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New York, NY
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Presented at the Dance Protest of Vietnam - Angry Arts Festival organized by Ruth Sobotka.


The first section of One, Two, Three furthers the investigation of locomotive counterpoint that was set forth in Twelve Foot Change as the dancers execute fouettés (both en dehors and en dedans) that push out from center stage to the opposite ends of the space. In the second section the dancers perform solos of complex combinations, a swirl of movement tailored to each dancer's strengths.

One, Two, Three and the next work, Jam, were often performed back-to-back, forming an "opposition pair". Whereas One, Two, Three is bright, ordered and Apollonian, Jam is chaotic and Dionysian, the movements hurled far from the dancer’s center.

  • Rudner, Margery Tupling and Tharp rehearse in the studio at 104 Franklin Street in 1967.

    <p>©Robert Barry</p>
  • Jenkins, Rudner and Tharp perform at the Hunter Playhouse.

    <p>©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • Rudner in performance.

    <p>©Robert Barry</p>
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