Minimalism & Me

Egyptian goddess NUT
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Chicago, Illinois

Commissioned by Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago

Dance sections

Featuring excerpts from: 

Tank Dive, premiered April 1965

Re-Moves, premiered October 1966

Disperse, premiered April 1967 

Generation, premiered February 1968 

After ‘Suite, premiered February 1969

Medley, premiered July 1969

Dancing in the Streets of London and Paris, Continued in Stockholm and Sometimes Madrid, premiered November 1969 

The Fugue, premiered August 1970 

The History of Up and Down, premiered January 1971 


John Selya, Matthew Dibble, Reed Tankersley, Kara Chan, Kellie Drobnik

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Using five dancers and a group of supernumeraries, MINIMALISM & ME is Tharp’s account of her early forays into the art of making dances.

Excerpts of works created from 1965-70 are accompanied by a commentary delivered by Ms. Tharp and are illustrated by vignettes re-enacting the era in which the dances were first presented.

The evening concludes with Tharp choreographing a new phrase each performance for two dancers.

  • image <p>Dancers, Supernumeraries and Ms. Tharp.©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • image <p>Dancers, Supernumeraries and Ms. Tharp.&nbsp;©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • image <p>Dancers, Supernumeraries and Ms. Tharp.&nbsp;©Twyla Tharp</p>
  • image <p>Load-in/Bunch of Broads©Twyla Tharp</p>
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Twyla, John and Matt

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