I'll Do Anything

I'll Do Anything
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Cinematography: Michael Ballhaus
Edited by:  Richard Marks
Starring: Nick Nolte and Whittni Wright
with Albert Brooks, Julie Kavner, Joely Richardson, Tracey Ullman
Jeb Brown, Joely Fisher, Vicki Lewis, Anne Heche, Ian McKellen, Joel Thurm, Angela Alvarado, Dominik Lukas-Espeleta, Justina Hardesty

Principal dancers in the numbers cut from the film included Tony Azito, Hinton Battle, George de la Peña and Jamie Bishton, Allison Brown, Stacy Caddell, Aaron Cash, Jodi Melnick, Art Palmer, Shawn Stevens, Michael Whaites, Scott Wise, Keith Young.

Tharp was approached by film director James L. Brooks to choreograph sequences for his upcoming movie musical I’ll Do Anything. Company dancers cast in the film accompanied Tharp to Los Angeles where the film was shot. She choreographed and directed several large dance numbers to original music by Prince, Sinead O'Connor and Carole King. However, following audience previews, all musical elements were cut from the film.