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Twyla Tharp, John Selya, Matthew Dibble, Reed Tankersley, Daniel Baker, Kaitlyn Gilliland, Kara Chan

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ENTRE’ACTE is a passing of the torch work featuring the return of Twyla Tharp to stage for 21 straight performances.  This work also shows the absurdist relationship of language to movement, riffing on the NEW YORKER cartoon: “ If you have something to say, Harris, speak your mind.  The language of dance has always eluded me.” 

  • Tharp and company in performance. Photographer unknown.

  • Company in performance. Photographer unknown.

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Tharp and Selya in dress rehearsal.

The Raggedy Dances - The Fugue - Entr'Acte - Dylan Love Songs | Twyla Tharp Dance (NY Season)
The Joyce Theater
New York, NY
Catskills Residency - preview performance | Twyla Tharp Dance
Catskills Mountain Foundation
Tannersville, NY