Cacklin' Hen

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Cacklin' Hen
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Chicago, IL

Ann Marie DeAngelo, Jan Hanniford, Darrell Barnett, Gary Chryst, Jerel Hilding, Russell Sultzbach, William Whitener

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Five men weave, flock and scatter around one woman in this short work. Duets intersperse the group sections that slip between unison and canon phrases.

Cacklin’ Hen, an excerpt from Happily Ever After, was toured in its premiere season by both The Joffrey Ballet and Tharp's company.

  • Tharp company dancers Tom Rawe, Raymond Kurshals and Rose Marie Wright perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

    <p>©Lois Greenfield</p>
  • Tom Rawe (right) and Tharp company dancers in performance.

    <p>©Lois Greenfield</p>
  • Anthony Ferro and William Whitener perform.

    <p>©Lois Greenfield</p>
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Tharp company dancers in performance.

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Cacklin' Hen and Rooster Too
By The Skillet Lickers
Arranged by Richard Peaslee

Music details
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