Three Dances From The Film "Hair"


One month before Hair opened in movie theaters, Tharp presented three dance excerpts at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The Pershing Rifles Company H-8 of the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn joined the dancers live for this special event. The three pieces were performed in the abstract space of the proscenium stage, out of the cinematic and narrative context of the film production.


  • A still from Hair showing the Pershing Rifle company and dancers in "3-5-0-0."  ©United Artists


Music Program:

All lyrics written by Gerome Ragni, Jim Rado
All music composed by Galt MacDermot

I: Electric Blues

II: 3-5-0-0
Vocals: Ronnie Dyson, Leata Galloway

III: What A Piece Of A Work Is Man
Vocals: Daniel Blinkhoff, George James

Audio Sample: 

Electric Blues
From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Performance History

Twyla Tharp Dance
February 15, 1979

Works on this program: Baker's Dozen (premiere), Three Dances from the film "Hair" (premiere), 1903, Chapters And Verses

Twyla Tharp Dance
February 17, 1979

Additional performances on February 18 & 22-23, 1979
Works on this program: Sue's Leg, The Fugue, Three Dances from the film "Hair," Chapters And Verses