Sunrise/Noon/Sundown was a day-long event and performed only once in its entirety. Starting at 5 a.m., three dancers performed to a recording of Giuseppi Torelli's "Concerto in D minor" in Fort Tryon Park in Harlem.  At noon, the trio, a forty-piece Brooklyn high school marching band and fourteen student dancers, convened at Battery Park in downtown Manhattan to perform a series of drills. The nighttime event took place in the City Council Chamber at City Hall. The intended accompaniment was to be rag music on a player piano alongside a group of sitar players. Due to a security issue, only the sitar players were allowed inside the building. The result was an evening of dances to ragas, not rags. 

"Sunrise" would later be performed independently as Torelli.


  • Wright, Rudner and Tharp in Fort Tryon Park performing "Sunrise."  ©Herbert Migdoll
  • Tharp warming up for "Sunrise" in Fort Tryon Park.   ©Herbert Migdoll
  • Rudner, Tharp and Wright preparing for "Sunrise" in Fort Tryon Park.   ©Herbert Migdoll


Music Program:

Violin Concerto Opus 8 n. 7 in D Minor, For Solo Violin, String & Continuo
Composed by Guiseppe Torelli
Published by Unicorn Records - 1956