Happily Ever After


Happily Ever After was the second work to merge Tharp’s company with The Joffrey Ballet. Whereas Deuce Coupe meshed the groups into a single cast, Happily Ever After presented each company separately. The opening section was performed by Tharp dancers; the following by Joffrey. The two companies performed together only once, in the fourth and final section. 

Set to a suite of bluegrass songs, this work expands the energetic partnering of Country Dances, while incorporating unison group phrases and a long female solo.


  • Tharp performs "Billy In The Low Ground" in a later performance. ©Twyla Tharp


Tharp performs "Billy In The Low Ground" during the taping of Making Television Dance.
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Music Program:

Live Music By:
Homer (Pappy) Sherrill and Snuffy Jenkins
with their band "The Hired Hands," featuring Harold Lucas and Kenny Meggs.

Texas Quickstep
Fifty Year Ago Waltz
Rat Cheese Under the Hill
Cacklin' Hen an Rooster Too
Katy Did
Took My Gal A-Walkin'
Fresno Blues
Billy In the Low Ground
I'm Sad and Blue
A Corn Licker Still in Georgia
Good Bye Little Bonnie
Alabama Jubilee
Lost Child
Cacklin' Hen and Rooster Too

Audio Sample: 

Billy In The Low Ground
By The Hired Hands

Performance History

The Joffrey Ballet and Twyla Tharp Dance
New York City Center, New York, NY
November 3, 1976

Premiere performance
Additional performances on November 6 & 7, 1976