Hair was Tharp’s first collaboration with director Miloš Forman. Shot almost entirely on location, Tharp used her previous experience with site-specific choreography to create cinematic dance numbers in the large spaces of Central Park and the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

In a unique arrangement, Forman commissioned Tharp’s company as an entity, rather than choreographer and dancers independently. This agreement gave Tharp an uncommon degree of autonomy in the production that facilitated this very successful collaboration between director and choregrapher.


  • Hair
    Movie poster
  • Hair
    Company dancers film in Central Park. 
  • Hair
    Williams dances in "I Got Life."
  • Hair
    Tharp (lifted) and dancers film in Central Park.
  • Hair
    Tharp performs "Hare Krishna."
  • Hair
    Dancers perform "Hare Krishna" on location.
  • Hair
    Wright flies during filming.
  • Hair
    Smoke machines used during filming depleted the oxygen on set. Washington takes a break to recover.
  • Hair
    Tharp with film crew on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 
  • Hair
    Dancers perform "Three-Five-Zero-Zero" in front of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. 
  • Hair
    Tharp (back center) observes dancers on location.


Excerpts from "Aquarius," the opening musical number.
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Music Program:

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack released by RCA Records.

All songs written and composed by Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni and James Rado.
Arrangements by Galt MacDermot.


1. Aquarius (Vocals by Ren Woods)
2. Sodomy
3. Donna/Hashish
4. Colored Spade
5. Manchester (Vocals by John Savage)
6. Abie Baby/Fourscore (Vocals by Nell Carter)
7. I'm Black/Ain't Got No
8. Air
9. Party Music
10. My Conviction
11. I Got Life (Vocals by Treat Williams)
12. Frank Mills
13. Hair
14. L.B.J.
15. Electric Blues/Old Fashioned Melody
16. Hare Krishna
17. Where Do I Go?
18. Black Boys
19. White Boys (Vocals by Nell Carter)
20. Walking In Space (My Body)
21. Easy To Be Hard (Vocals by Cheryl Barnes)
22. Three-Five-Zero-Zero
23. Good Morning Starshine (Vocals by Beverly D'Angelo)
24. What a Piece of Work Is Man
25. Somebody to Love
26. Don't Put It Down
27. The Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In

Audio Sample: 

Vocals by Renn Woods